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A Voice Over Artist to Suit Your Every Need

Sarah Doreen MacPhee (Genderfluid/Non-binary, Pronouns: They/Them) is a voice over artist hailing from Washington DC, from the USA. Sarah’s voice can be described as Medium to High pitched, Bright, Youthful, and Versatile, with the range to play Dark, Sultry, and Villainous characters, as well as Edgy, Gritty, and Androgynous archetypes. Able to play young boys, girls, teenage nonbinary individuals along with teenage girls, and young adult through adult women and non-binary individuals, Sarah Doreen MacPhee's versatile voice and flexible acting range is just what your next production needs!

Sarah Doreen's is best known for their roles as Mara in Omen (Audio Verse 2021 Award Nominee for Best Performance in a New Production) and as Rachel in Old Gods of Appalachia   

(Audio Verse 2023 Award Winner for Best Recurring Voices in an Existing Production)

Full Resume for 

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Home Studio Specs

I record using a Sennheiser MK4 microphone, a Steinburg UR22C Interface,  with iZotope RX as my DAW in an acoustically treated isolation booth.

I have Source Connect Standard and an Ethernet connection within my booth. 

Download Speed: 929 Mbps 

Upload Speed: 237 Mbps

Ping: 8.4 miliseconds 

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